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Map Updater


  • Update all the maps manually

Firefox addon:


  • Update all the maps automatically

Chrome addon:

Rulesy's Hardcore Updater (or Die2nite Tools)


  • Flashing Escort bar - to remind you to set escort!
  • Time till next search (not working?)
  • Ghoul Hunger percentage
  • Auto map updating in Firefox and Chrome
  • Updates maps in Hardcore towns (Distant too)
    • Doesn't work in small towns due to camping being disabled.

Install a plugin:

Install the appropriate plugin above, then go to the script:

Die2Nite Enhancer

An example of the configurable settings


  • Works in English, German, Spanish and French (originally written in french)
  • Optional Style changes (reverting to "old" styles)
  • Shortcuts?
  • banklock prevention
  • Spend Max AP on construction
  • Auto enable "Good" escort options
  • Ability to drop everything (without using manbag/trolley!)
  • Update maps (manually)
  • Remove random clutter on die2nite website (outside edges)

Install a Plugin:

OO Toolbox

  • Shows information about the town at the top of the page

Install the appropriate plugin above, then go to the script:



  • Hides Heroic Actions already used in the current town
  • Keep inventory open
  • Add "copy" button in forum posts
  • Add confirmation messages
  • Adds a default message when sending items
  • Moves notifications to the left bottom and reduces a click
  • Shows a timer and prevents banklock
  • Prevents scrolling the page (eg: when taking an item outside)
  • Add colors and conversion AP to the constructions page
  • Send hero actions, status, chest, hero bonus, escort status, and more to igloo
  • Makes escort easier by improving the UI
  • Allows disabling any of these changes

Install a plugin:

Install Script:

View Igloo:


Android Flash Guide


Here are directions to use Flash on your android phone from in firefox:

1. go to adobes website. archived versions for developers:

2. download the link for android 4.0 (or 2.x/3.x) old flash player:


You May need to click the little download icon to the left of the text. When I clicked the text it opened the source code lol. This download will show up (usually only ONE TIME!) in your android phones notification area. Do not install it yet.

3. BEFORE you install the flash player, go to your android settings, security, and allow untrusted app installs. For 4.4 it goes SETTINGS->SECURITY->CHECK the box for UNKNOWN SOURCES

4. Now Go to your notifications and tap the .apk file to install adobe flash player

5. open flash player from apps and set up the settings how you want, there are only 2 simple screens for that.

6. Go back to your phones settings, security, and Uncheck the Unknown Sources box (very bad lol).

7. If you mess up, and do not have a File Manager tool on your phone, the apk file will basically be gone, even though it is there. You will need to redownload it, or run it from a file manager. I use an app called, heh, File Manager.

Thats. It. Now flash will not only work, but it will ONLY work when you click the grey icon to turn each flash box on, each time. There is a way around this to make it seamless, but I will not explain that because I did it once and did not like it. I prefer saying yes or no each time, so that my tabs dont get bogged down. If you want to make it seamless and auto-loading, you can simply google that and theres stuff on how to do it.


Due to the nature of these spreadsheets, it's advisable to copy them for personal use.

Type Author Link
Camping Miudo
Camping Ghost
Camping  ??
Watchman Miudo  ??
Blueprint Tracker isaaclw (from Zumbie)
Dump Calculator isaaclw
AP to Heroic Return isaaclw