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Anabolic Steroids (poisoned)

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[v·e] 223 Anabolic Steroids (poisoned) Item drug poisoned.gif
This drug is great, if you want to see the world through rose-tinted Ray Bans and don't mind occasional convulsions and drooling... Don't get addicted though...
Category Items
Sub Category Pharmacy
When used
Gives status
Small death.gifSmall death.gifDeath Death

These steroid have been poisoned by someone with a Item poison.gifItem poison.gifVial of Poison Vial of Poison. Taking it will result in instant death. Due to it being a separate item it will not stack with normal steroids, and cannot be given to a Item tamed pet.gifItem tamed pet.gifThree-legged Labradoodle Three-legged Labradoodle.



  • Swallowing will cause instant death.