All or Nothing

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[v·e] 1133 All or Nothing Small lastchance.gif
Welcome to the last chance saloon! All objects in the bank will be destroyed and each one will provide 1 defence point.
Category Buildings
Sub Category Foundations
Item bplan u.gifItem bplan u.gifBlueprints Blueprint Item bplan r.gifItem bplan r.gifConstruction Blueprint (rare) rare
Small parent.gif Parent building Small building.gifSmall building.gifFoundations Foundations
Small def.gif Defence Small def.gif 55
Small pa.gif Action Points cost Small pa.gif 150
Tag 2.gif Resource cost Item wood beam.gifItem wood beam.gifPatchwork Beam×15 Item metal beam.gifItem metal beam.gifMetal Support×15 Item meca parts.gifItem meca parts.gifHandful of nuts and bolts×4

Intended to be a kamikaze defence for towns with no other choice for lasting an extra day. I'm pretty sure you'll want to Small camp.gifSmall camp.gifCamping Camp outside if you survive tonight...


  • Building it gives 55 Small def.gif to the town.
  • All contents inside Item chest citizen.gifItem chest citizen.gifThe Bank The Bank are destroyed and converted to Small warning.gifSmall def.gif upon completion.
    • Each item gives 1 Small warning.gifSmall def.gif.
  • Bank destruction is a one time event. The following message will appear:
    Building the All or Nothing has brought + [#] temporary defence points to your town, but everything in the bank was destroyed. Here's hoping that it's enough...