Abject Panic

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[v·e] 1168 Abject Panic Status terror.gif
If the situation gets really desperate, you can decide to scream and panic. The advantage of this is that if all the survivors do it, this will disorientate the zombies (who really don't need that kind of stress) and earns you sime virtual defence points... Yeah, it's a load of nonsense.
Small warning.gif Temporary
Category Buildings
Sub Category Watchtower
Small parent.gif Parent building Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifEmergency Supplies Emergency Supplies
Small def.gif Defence Small def.gif 50
Small pa.gif Action Points cost Small pa.gif 25
Tag 2.gif Resource cost Item wood2.gifItem wood2.gifTwisted Plank×5 Item metal.gifItem metal.gifWrought Iron×5 Item water.gifItem water.gifWater Ration×4

Although we always say "Don't Panic!" Sometimes, you know you're going to panic, so you might as well get creative and use the panicking to fend off a few zombies. We all know it's a whole load of nonsense, but you never know until you try.


  • Building it gives 50 Small warning.gifSmall def.gif to the town.
    • As this is a temporary building, this structure will only last one night and be demolished during the attack.


  • In Season 6:
    • The Small def.gif provided was increased from 30 to 50.