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A very popular model among smoke-bomb fans, this one smells of pine trees. Please note: this object deletes all entries in the register from the last 3 minutes. It also conceals your next movements for one minute after use. WARNING : use this object AFTER having carried out the actions you wish to conceal...
Category Items
Sub Category Miscellaneous items
When used

Conceal your diabolical actions with this smoke bomb. Not only will it confuse everyone while you do evil acts, but also leaves the entire zone smelling like a pine forest! Everyone wins, especially you...

This item can't be used inside town.



  • Throwing it in a zone gives the following message:
You throw your smoke bomb into the area, causing mass confusion!

Your next move will not be recorded in the register if carried out in the next 60 seconds.
  • Any register entries in the zone for the past 3 minutes will be replaced with:
    • [ I love the smell of fir trees in the morning... ]
  • A message stating the use of a smoke grenade will appear in the register:
    • A smoke grenade has been used!