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Rubbish Heap

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[v·e] 1019 Rubbish Heap Small dig.gif
When the proverbial hits the fan, and there's nothing else for it, just pile up everything that comes to hand, and pray that it slows the Hordes down... The good thing is that you can build some really effective traps into it!
Small warning.gif Temporary
Category Buildings
Sub Category Watchtower
Small parent.gif Parent building Status terror.gifStatus terror.gifEmergency Supplies Emergency Supplies
Small def.gif Defence Small def.gif 5
Small pa.gif Action Points cost Small pa.gif 10
Tag 2.gif Resource cost Item wood2.gifItem wood2.gifTwisted Plank×2 Item metal.gifItem metal.gifWrought Iron×2

We're out of ideas and choices, so we might as well create a pile of garbage, and hope some of the zombies that trip over never get back up on their feet again.


  • Building it gives 5 Small warning.gifSmall def.gif to the town.
    • As this is a temporary building, this structure will only last one night and be demolished during the attack.



  • In Season 3:
    • The Rubbish Heap was renamed to Garbage Heap
    • The Small def.gif provided fell from 10 to 5
  • In Season 6:
    • Garbage Heap was renamed to Rubbish Heap