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Järpen Table

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[v·e] 170 Järpen Table Item table.gif
Held together entirely with elastic bands and wedges of wood, this table would look great in your "living room". Also, if you place it upright, it could even save your life...
Small heavy.gifSmall heavy.gifHeavy object Heavy object
Item plate.gifItem plate.gifDefence Defence
Small home.gifSmall home.gifHome decoration Home Decoration (+3 points for decor, Improves defences)
Item watergun opt empty.gifItem watergun opt empty.gifGuard Weapon Guard Weapon (15 attack pts)
Category Items
Sub Category Defences

It may be tacky, but it could just keep you alive one more night. At the very least, it will look nice in your house. Towns that want to survive need at least two for building the Small factory.gifSmall factory.gifFactory Factory and the Small refine.gifSmall refine.gifArchitect's Study Architect's Study.




This is required in the construction of: