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If it wasn't already apparent, communication is key when it comes to survival. The forums are where all players can talk about anything and everything. The forums are broken up into different sections, to keep everything neat and organized. Besides the forums, more experienced players like to use other methods of Small help.gifSmall help.gifTutorial:Communication Communication to help their towns prosper.

Town Forum

The Town Forum is the the place where you can discuss things with the people in your town (important or not). Everything from construction discussion to fun roleplaying and games, this is the life and soul of your town. Just remember, only the 40 people you're in town with can read and write here, so make sure you're as vocal as possible to keep your town going.

World Forums

The World Forums are the collective place to talk with people outside your town about all things game related. Although anyone can read them, only Small hero.gifSmall hero.gifHero Heroes can start threads or post replies. The exception is the Residents Forum, open to all. The World Forums are divided into four sections, each with its own purpose.

Posts on the World Forums used to display the name of the town that the poster was currently in, or "Limbo" if they were not in a town.


This forum is for discussion of the game rules and help topics

The Help section is for players to ask any questions they may have. These questions can be as simple as what certain constructions do, how certain items work, or they can go as in depth as game mechanics and strategies. If your fellow citizens can't help you, more experienced players will be more than happy to answer anything they can, and will (almost) always give the best answer possible.


This forum is to be used as the Die2Nite suggestion box and for related discussions.

The Discussions section is for players to come together and discuss the game and ways to improve it. This section is largely filled with suggestions for improving the game, as well as discussing methods and strategies to success. There is no guarantee that any suggestions will become part of the game, although some suggested ideas have been implemented into the game (whether or not they were already going to be added, we may never know).

Residents Forum

The place for residents to chat about not dying tonight

In Season 5 the Residents Forum was added. Unlike other sections which only Small hero.gifSmall hero.gifHero Heroes can start threads and reply, it is open to everyone here.


This forum is reserved for discussion surrounding the Die2Nite universe (RP or otherwise)

The Saloon section is for players to kick back, relax, and talk about all things die2nite. Players can discuss any of the apps listed in the Small archive.gifSmall archive.gifDirectory Directory, upcoming game events, fun roleplays and games thought up by the community, contests held by players, or anything else that has to do with the game. Be forewarned- some of what you see will give you nightmares!


The World Forums are monitored by the die2nite team, specifically Small crow.gifSmall crow.gifThe Crow The Crow. The Crow has the power to move threads, lock them, and delete them at will. Also, as an administrator, The Crow can issue warnings and forum bans, as well as close players' accounts when rules are violated.

Also helping to moderate the forums are the Oracles, r3dd3r, Workshop, and fodgycakes. These three are actual players who have been selected to help moderate the Help section of the World Forums. They can lock and unlock threads, as well being able to post in blue boxes to highlight correct answers to questions.

Key Features

The forums come with a few built in features that add to the fun, just be sure to use them appropriately.

Important Threads

Certain threads are marked as Important Threads, which are 'kept at the top of the forum for all to see, as well as being highlighted blue. In every Town Forum, there are four Important Threads- Construction Sites, The Bank, The Workshop, and Town Upgrades. Each of these threads is present at the start of each town, and are important to every town's survival. In the World Forums, the Important Threads are mostly about forum rules and contact information, as well as special threads which have been added by the administrators.

Roleplay Threads

Heroes who have unlocked the Item rp sheets.gifItem rp sheets.gifMr. Writer Mr Writer hero skill can start 'RP' threads. These threads allow the creator of the thread to edit out any posts they see fit. The entries are still visible, just hidden by an edit tag, which reveals the post when scrolled over. The thread is also marked with a roleplay icon in the thread list, to make it easy to pick out.

Call For Help

When you're fresh out of luck and just can't do it alone, the best thing to do is call for help. When you mark a thread as a call for help, it will alert the town of your problem. The thread will be marked with an emergency icon, similar to the roleplay icon. Just be sure to leave your coordinates and any important information you might need, as well as turning on Escort Mode.

Tags and Commands

Every post comes fully equipped with a list of tags and commands that can be used at will. Any text can be marked [g]bold[/g], italic, quote, traitor, roleplay, or spoiler. Links can also be added with display names to make them more appealing. Along with the several forum icons, there are several roleplay commands, including flipping a coin, Rochambeau (rock paper scissors), picking a card from a standard deck, choosing a random resident, and rolling various dice.

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